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NoBo Progressives supports candidates serving Avalon, Bellevue, and Northgate School District, which educates students in Avalon and Bellevue. The success and growth of these two communities is intertwined through our kids in the same classes, our walkable connectivity and the sense of greater community between neighbors.

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Avalon, PA

Avalon is a borough made up of three wards. It is currently represented by:

Mayor Tom Lloyd*

Ward 1 Councilperson Victoria Donnelly

Ward 1 Councilperson Ruth Lloyd*

Ward 1 Councilperson Paul Morack

Ward 2 Councilperson Vacant

Ward 2 Councilperson Lee Nelson*

Ward 2 Councilperson William Pascale*

Ward 3 Councilperson Shawn McWilliams*

Ward 3 Councilperson Dennis Narcisi

Ward 3 Councilperson Patrick Narcisi

* Up for re-election.


Bellevue, PA

Bellevue is a borough made up of three wards. It is currently represented by:

Mayor Emily Marburger*

Ward 1 Councilperson Val Pennington*

Ward 1 Councilperson Jodi Hause*

Ward 1 Councilperson Jodi Cerminara

Ward 2 Councilperson Anthony Ditullio*

Ward 2 Councilperson Anya Pikul*

Ward 2 Councilperson Jeff Stuncard

Ward 3 Councilperson Glenn Pritchard*

Ward 3 Councilperson Amanda Sloane 

Ward 3 Councilperson Jillian Edmondson

* Up for re-election.


Northgate School District

Northgate School District covers Avalon and Bellevue. It is currently represented by:

President Michael Rajakovic

Vice President Dan O'Keefe

Treasurer Amy Joy Robinson*

John Gratner*

Christine King*

Lanae Lumsden

Jen McWilliams*

Shannon Smithey

Cindy West

* Up for re-election.