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My name is Dan McKelvey and I'm running for a council seat in Ward 2 of Bellevue. My wife, Jessie, and I moved to Bellevue 12 years ago from the South Hills. My daughter Kendall goes to Northgate High school, and son Greyson is at Avalon Elementary. We were attracted to the area due to its close proximity to the city, easy access to pretty much anywhere in the North Hills, and, most importantly, our home. It’s perfect. Built-in bookshelves, large backyard, and an open front porch where we have since met a lot of great neighbors during our many hours of hanging out on the porch with our kids and dogs.

We both knew from the day we moved to the area what Bellevue could be. We saw it as the next up and coming neighborhood in Allegheny county. Having the ability to walk down the road to our local business district, multiple parks and a community pool for our kids, a dog park for our dogs, and the accessibility to nearby areas of the Pittsburgh region made it a no brainer for my family and me. We got warm fuzzy feelings inside that something great was brewing in the Bellevue community.

Getting Involved in Politics

I used to have zero interest in any type of politics. I came from a family that didn't talk about anything political and was taught that politics really didn't matter. Fast forward to 2015 when I participated in my first election to help overturn the alcohol ban in the borough. I didn't particularly care for politics at this point, I just wanted to be able to drink a beer in my community. 2016 is when things got real for me, when former president Trump was elected. I joked with my friends that he would be elected thinking there was no way it would happen. I, along with many others, was wrong. Witnessing all of the abhorrent actions taken by that man and his administration over four years was unfortunately what it took for me to wake up about what was happening not only in our country, but right here in our community. I wonder how many people in our community feel the same way? Let me know if you’ve gone through a similar change since 2016.

Why I’m Running for Bellevue Council

Over the course of the last four years, I have dedicated time to read books, listen to podcasts, and most importantly communicate with people about what is happening around us. As a parent of kids who attend Northgate School District I have seen firsthand that kids in our neighborhood need role models that will help them reach their greatest potentials. I've walked our neighborhood and taken in the overrun properties and litter clogging up our streets that take away from the beauty of our community. I've also seen all of the great things that Bellevue has built up over the last couple of years, and do not want to see that positive momentum stop.

These are some of the reasons why I am running for a seat on Bellevue council. I want to use what I've learned and my own personal experiences in life to show what can be accomplished when people come together and pursue great things that help everyone in the community. I want to show citizens of Bellevue that people from all walks of life deserve equal treatment, to be heard, and be loved for who they are.

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