We have candidates now - do you know how to support them?

Updated: Mar 19

Running for local office can be exciting, hectic, and a little bit exhausting. Candidates put themselves out there to serve their community, and in doing so, they also give their community a chance to get involved through support and engagement.

Great leadership comes from great teamwork. Running for office isn’t a singular journey, but a group effort between candidates and their supporters to work for the greater good.

One of the best ways to get involved is to get to know your local candidates, offer your support, and then vote for them.

5 Ways to Support Local Candidates

1. Put their sign in your yard.

Nobo Progressive candidates aim to knock on the door of every voter they hope to serve across Bellevue and Avalon. So when you see a candidate or a group out knocking - they’ll be in a mask with a clipboard - wave, take a moment for some socially distanced engagement, or read any lit they leave behind. If you feel connected to what they’re all about, then ask for a sign to put in your yard. Yard signs allow the candidate to get their name out there so others in the community can get to know them and support them too.

2. Reach out--but be patient

Most candidates also work full-time jobs as they vie for positions that pay around $150 per month -that’s for at least 3 meetings per month, research on the issues, engagement with the constituents, and other duties. (And hey, did you know School Board members don’t get paid at all?!) Candidates juggle the work of their campaign with jobs and home and family life. They want to engage, but be mindful about how long it may take to respond. The main thing is to get to know them and their platform before it’s time to vote. Feel free to reach out to NoBo Progressives about any of our endorsed candidates, or members of other candidates' teams to help find information.

3. Donate: time, money, goodwill

Money helps. Nobo Progressives candidates need buttons, yard signs, literature, and other supplies. All donations go to a general pool to support all endorsed candidates in Bellevue and Avalon. Every donation is crucial and very much appreciated. You can also donate time, by campaigning for or with your favorite candidates or in a number of other ways. Your time and energy will be welcome and needed. It’s a great way to support our larger goal of making local civic duty easy and natural with huge participation from everyone in our community.

Donate money to NoBo Progressives here: https://tinyurl.com/y2owvsrx

4. Talk to your friends and neighbors

Once a candidate earns your vote, help them earn more. Every single vote is crucial. You’re not only doing the candidate a favor when you talk to your community members about voting. You’re doing a service for everyone. It’s generous to talk about politics because it gives everyone a voice (their vote!) and supports candidates who share your values and will do their best for Bellevue and Avalon.

5. Go high and stay positive

Did you know that Bellevue has a countywide reputation when it comes to politics? Unfortunately, it’s notorious for especially dirty politics. Nobo Progressives aims to change that. And every candidate who has applied for endorsement has made a pledge to lead positive campaigns and to never engage in attacks of any kind in any capacity. Join us in a similar pledge! No negative talk on social media or anywhere. It’s simply not necessary. Vote for and support candidates who share your values. And if someone doesn’t share them, the best thing to do is to talk positively about the candidates you do support. Aim high. Keep it positive. Respect the process and all the candidates.

Most of all, Vote. Vote in the May 18th Primary. Vote in the general election on November 2nd.

Vote twice a year. Every year.

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